Here's How To Complete Your New Client Onboarding

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Here's How To Complete Your New Client Onboarding

  • Review the program options below.

  • Click GET STARTED.

  • Complete your Onboarding Form

  • Access your SmartCredit credit report.

  • Sign the Client Service Agreement.

Credit Blastoff Plan

Work w/ The Rocket Team +

Nationwide Network of Consumer Attorneys

  • All files get reviewed by our Legal Team for violations of FCRA, FDCPA, UCC, METRO2, FBCA, TILA and Federal & State Consumer Code Violations.

  • Custom disputes are created using techniques specific to the violations

  • Attorneys are ready to litigate FCRA/FDCPA Violations AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU.

  • Credit card ascension plan to guide you to progressively better credit accounts, up to high-limit rewards cards w/ cash back bonuses, points and miles.

  • We teach you how to manage each new individual credit account & maximize the benefits of each card.

  • As your credit cards grow, we teach you how to use reward bonuses to earn free flights, first-class upgrades, hotel stays and VIP executive lounge access.

  • Our RealtorReady Program walks you through every step of the home buying process, helps you find the best loan options and get's you ready to start shopping for your dream home.

  • Work 1-on-1 with the Rocket Team as they guide you through the process and assist you while you pursue your goals.


$0 required at sign up.

Pay nothing for up to 14 days.

(During Onboarding You Get To Pick Your First Payment Date Within That Range). Initial payment will be $125 for work already completed. Additional months of service will also cost $125, beginning 30 days afteSmallr the initial payment. You can cancel anytime.

Rocket Family Plan

Work w/ The Rocket Team +

Nationwide Network of Consumer Attorneys

  • All the same amazing features as the Blastoff Plan, discounted for your family.

  • Work on your goals as a team and stay motivated and accountable.


$0 required at sign up.

Pay nothing for up to 14 days.

(During Onboarding You Get To Pick Your First Payment Date Within That Range). Initial payment will be $125 for work already completed. Additional months of service will cost $105, beginning 30 days after the initial payment. You can cancel anytime.

SmartCredit Monitoring

**Required for all Rocket Service Plans

  • Access to your credit reports from ALL THREE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES.

  • $1 Million is Identity Theft Fraud Insurance.

  • PrivacyMaster scans the Dark Web to remove your private information from thieves and scammers.

  • MoneyManager puts all your accounts in one place, letting you track spending, payments and statements.

  • Automatic alerts notify you of the best date to pay your credit card balances, easily boosting your credit score.


$1 for first 7 days

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Absolutely! Credit is goal-driven. That means that our goal is to help you reach your goals, and you are able to cancel your service whenever you are satisfied with your credit score. There are no cancellation fees.

How does Credit Management work?

Think of your credit score like a seesaw, with your positive items on one side and any negative items on the other side. There is a complex math problem that produces your 3-digit "credit score", but basically that math problem is calculating the BALANCE between the positive and negative items on your credit report, ie: do your positive items weigh more or less than your negative items.

The ONLY way to improve your credit score is by changing that balance so that your positive items weigh more than your negative items. What is more, there are only TWO ways to change your "balance" and that is by removing the negative items that are weighing your score down, or by adding positive credit items to help prop your score up.

At Rocket, we are one of the few companies that work on your credit from BOTH sides of your score, by helping to remove any negative item on your credit report, while also helping our clients add positive credit through our Exclusive Line of Credit Building Products with Guaranteed Approval.

The combination of both adding positive information while removing negative information is the fastest way to help our clients reach their credit goals.

How long does the process take?

The national average for completion of a credit restoration program is 18-24 months. By contrast, Rocket Clients graduate our program in around 8 months or so (as of Sept 2022) on average.

There are a few reasons for this: Nearly all credit repair companies use a model where they only dispute or challenge 2 or 3 negative items at a time before moving on, which extends the program time AND the cost to you.

At Rocket, we challenge EVERY negative item EVERY SINGLE MONTH, which means our clients graduate the program faster, same money, and can get on with their life and enjoy their new credit as soon as possible.

Will Rocket help me get approved for new lines of credit, even if I have terrible credit now?

Absolutely! We have relationships with several lenders and credit card companies, and we have developed an Exclusive Line of Credit Building Products with guaranteed approval, no matter what your current credit score.

This is EXTREMELY important because how high your credit score can go is determined by the POSITIVE items on your credit report. Think of them like building blocks: the more of them you have, the higher your score and the stronger your credit profile will be.

ALSO, every piece of credit that reports each month can help minimize the impact of any negative items that may exist, so the more positive items the better.

This also sets you up for success AFTER you graduate the program, because lenders like to see thick credit reports with several lines of credit reporting positively every month. Likewise, lenders are skeptical of anyone that only has one or two low-limit lines of credit, because it does not show them if you can responsibly handle credit.

As our client's credit profile improves, we can help them navigate the maze of applying for even better lines if credit, like the high-limit, cash-back cards or reward-point cards by letting them know their approval odds and best options.

What type of negative items might be removed?

Virtually any item on your credit report carries the possibility of removal, including Bankruptcies, Charge-Offs, Collections, Medical Bills, Late Payments, Repossessions, Cell Phone and Utility Bills, Student Loans and Hard Inquiries.

Credit repair is about creating leverage against the alleged negative items on a credit report by compiling evidence that something (usually multiple things) about either WHAT is reporting (factual disputing) or HOW it was reported (METRO2 Compliance).

Each month, we send out a new round of attack letters, piling on to the evidence for why the credit bureaus or creditors should remove the challenged item, either because of a factual inaccuracy, a reporting violation or a violation of federal law, any of which can be grounds for removal.

What does 1-on-1 attention mean?

If you wanted to muddle through the process by yourself, we figure you would not have called us. After all, why stumble around in the dark when you have access to a seasoned guide with a flashlight?

Also, no client is the same, so there is no one-size-fits-all plan that works for everyone. Our solution to this is personalized, individual service.

Very quickly after each client signs up, our CEO Dustin (aka the TikTok Credit Geek) schedules a meeting with them to go over their credit profile personally and develop a plan specific to that client. Dustin will lay out what our strategy will be, but also gives each clients actionable steps they can take to maximize their success and ensure that they aren't leaving credit points on the table.

This will include little-known strategies for improving your credit virtually overnight, plans for opening new lines of credit (if needed), as well as what habits clients can develop to master the credit game for life.

Dustin will touch base with each client EVERY 45-60 days, which gives each strategy enough time to be implemented and show results so we can determine what the next steps should be to help our clients reach their goals. These meetings serve to keep everyone on track, motivated, and accountable for what they said they were going to do.

This is very important. We will be committed to helping our clients reach their goals, and we need our clients to have the same level of commitment and dedication to their credit repair process. We want clients that WANT TO WIN!

How will I see the progress?

Several ways. We send regular updates about what we are doing, including what steps we are taking as what our clients should expect.

We also send each client a progress report each month showing the changes in credit score, how many negative items have been removed or updates, as well as a short list of tasks they can take to help improve their score.

Each client also receives access to their own Client Portal where they can see their current scores, dispute results and send messages back and forth to their account manager.

Trust us, there is a LOT of communication. You won't miss us for long before we are reaching out to you with another update.

Click the picture to see an example of the Monthly Progress Report.

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